Emotional Intelligence. Powerful and practical reports. The next generation is here.

Our trainer and Australia DISC Flow Partner Jessica Schubert was accredited in DISC for a decade prior to transitioning to DISC Flow.

She knows first-hand what the other DISC reports and tools on the market offer both the organisations and the trainers.

Jess proudly became the Australian partner for DISC Flow because she discovered how much more it offers both you as the trainer, your leaders and your teams.

Why choose to move to DISC Flow?

DISC Flow® goes beyond where the traditional DISC model ends and by introducing the power of … Emotional Intelligence, answers the question “how do I take this knowledge and apply it in the real world”?

We've taken the tried-and-tested DISC model and combined it with the power of emotional intelligence to help people tap into their strengths and build better, stronger and more productive relationships.

Emotional intelligence describes a way of recognising, understanding, and controlling how we think, feel and act so that these emotions work with us, and not against us.

It defines how and what we learn; it shapes our understanding of ourselves and determines the majority of our daily actions and interactions with others.

The DISC Flow® model has been purposely designed to be simple to understand and easy to apply.

DISC Flow® profiles are among the most scientifically valid and reliable DISC based products on the market.

Our reports provide powerful insights and meaningful data to help people make more informed decisions and reach their true potential.

Some of the organisations who choose DISC Flow

What upgrading to DISC Flow involves

Your upgrading session is a short 2-hour session delivered live online via Zoom.

  • A small amount of pre-work to familiarise you with DISC Flow
  • Understanding the DISC Flow report suite, it’s key differences and the practical features it includes
  • Stepping through the de-brief process with emotional intelligence incorporated
  • Walking through your FACe account and Trainer Portal so you can run reports, access resources and hit the ground running
  • A practical focus on how you plan to use DISC Flow, with Trainer Toolbox Tips and strategies tailored to you and your workforce

DISC Flow® Online Trainer Certification includes:

Your 2 hour upgrading session live online.
(Value $997 + GST)

Your personal DISC profile and
credits for your first DISC Flow Portrait, Core and Leader reports
(valued at $595 + GST)

Access to our members' resource portal that includes:

  • Facilitation tools
  • Training resources
  • Sample reports
  • eBooks
  • Posters
  • Resources for interpreting reports
    (valued at $297 + GST)

Community membership and support including:

  • A 1:1 debrief with Leadership Expert Jessica Schubert to tailor your DISC Flow implementation.
  • Bi-monthly professional development sessions (in conjunction with DISC Flow Asia Pacific)
  • Private community on Slack
  • Help and support from the DISC Flow Australia team.
    (valued at $2,497 + GST)

A FACE Account to run your personally branded DISC reports.
(valued at $170 + GST)

A certificate and the DISC Flow logo to attach to your LinkedIn, resume or professional profile
(valued at $99 + GST)


What differences stood out to you
between DISC Flow and other similar businesses?

The emotional intelligence
component and the various reports that can be used for different contexts.


HR Business Partner and Certified DISC Flow Trainer

Incredible product with limitless value in the workplace,
with an amazing support team to help you every step of the way.

Inga Wendelin
Training and Organisational Development Manager

DiSC Flow has improved
our ability to communicate and collaborate with both internal and
external stakeholders. Having a certified DiSC Flow practitioner
in our organisation helps the team to stay focused on
our DiSC learnings and to continually tap into the
language and lessons that the tool provides.

Rosie Chambers
Hecker Guthrie
TOTAL VALUE $3,752 + gst
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