Why DISC Flow®?

We are experts in behaviour and emotional intelligence… that’s what we do, and all we do!

We are passionate about using our industry expertise to develop your people, teams and organisational culture.

We are experts in behaviour and emotional intelligence… that’s what we do, and all we do!

Our expertise and approach is unique, and unlike many in this market who look to complicate the subject, help people to communicate more effectively based on a simple to understand and easy to apply approach.

We teach the DISC Flow® model holistically, giving you a deep understanding of how it can be used to increase emotional intelligence and behavioural adaptability in the workplace.

We work with leading companies throughout the world and DISC Flow® can be used by anyone in an organisation, regardless of title or role, to improve the quality of the workplace.

DISC Flow® has been purposely designed to be simple to understand and easy to apply! We’ve taken the tried-and-tested DISC behavioural model and COMBINED it with the power of emotional intelligence to create a tool for anyone in the workplace to:

> Pinpoint the most effective ways to communicate and grow
> Map out how to complete projects effectively
> Establish benchmarks for what success might look like in different roles
> Enhance learning & development initiatives to align with team values
> Help overcome work conflict between individuals

How to Use DISC Flow®

Applying DISC Flow® in the workplace is straight-forward and can help develop powerful leadership, build cohesive teams, improve sales and customer service, enhance communication, reduce conflict and increase employee engagement.


> Know your strengths and opportunities for growth with actionable insights

> Learn how to build powerful relationships based on your skills and communication style


> Develop effective communication processes

> Combine individuals into peak performing teams

> Create a blueprint for effective work styles


> Understand your employees’ motivations

> Develop your leaders and managers

> Recruit long-term employees who turn into high performers

Today, we work with companies large and small around the world to improve the quality of their workplace.

The DISC model is used right across the world to improve communication and teamwork, build stronger relationships and create more productive workplaces.

We have the perfect solution for any organisation looking to develop the potential of their people; or for independent Coaches, Consultants & Trainers to use with their clients.

No annual licence fees, renewals or minimum quantity orders.

Some of the businesses who choose DISC Flow


This is an incredible tool delivered in a simple to learn
way. The effectiveness of it will be experienced by you in the training and
prove it's powerfulness right in front of your eyes!

Get onboard!


Lauree Arnold
Executive & Life Coach

What differences stood out to you between DISC Flow and other similar businesses?

The emotional intelligence
component and the various reports that can be used for different contexts.

HR Business Partner and Certified DISC Flow Trainer 

DiSC Flow has improved
our ability to communicate and collaborate with both internal and
external stakeholders. Having a certified DiSC Flow practitioner
in our organisation helps the team to stay focused on
our DiSC learnings and to continually tap into the
language and lessons that the tool provides.

Rosie Chambers
Hecker Guthrie

It was excellent to learn about this tool and how to apply
it with coaching clients and with groups of people. I enjoyed the step by step
approach and the self paced learning which was all very logical and I could go
back over anything I needed to revise. I also liked having the resources to
read before watching the videos, which enforced the learning.


Jeanette White
Rise Coaching and Development

Personally, I have gained a great deal from knowing my
profile and analysing it as part of the training

Lisa Leurs
Office Manager, Women’s Health and Wellbeing Services

Incredible product with limitless value in the workplace,
with an amazing support team to help you every step of the way.

Inga Wendelin
Learning and Development Manager

Supercharge your workforce

Bring DISC Flow® to your organisation now and let the workplace transformation begin.