DISC Reports

Practical DISC profiles that are easy to understand, simple to apply.

Based on a self-assessment, DISC Reports create a portrait of how we like to communicate and work with one another. The personalised reports give us a comprehensive narrative to understand ourselves better and help us communicate our high preferences to others. In a nutshell: DISC Reports are a start of conversation leading to higher trust, better connections and more effective relationships.

Applying DISC profiles in the workplace is straight-forward and can help develop powerful leadership, build cohesive teams, improve sales and customer service, enhance communication, reduce conflict and increase employee engagement.

Easy-to-analyse reports

Our DISC reports have been purposely designed to be simple to understand and easy to apply.

Candidates complete assessments online through a simple self-assessment process.

Each report provides a detailed analysis of your personality type, behaviour style, communication preferences, strengths and challenges.

Our DISC profiles are among the most scientifically valid and reliable DISC-based products on the market.

Our reports provide powerful insights and meaningful data to help people make more informed decisions and reach their true potential.

The DISC model is used right across the world to improve communication and teamwork, build stronger relationships and create more productive workplaces.

Our DISC personality tests are the perfect solution for any organisation looking to develop the potential of their people; or for independent Coaches, Consultants & Trainers to use with their clients.

No annual licence fees, renewals or minimum quantity orders.

Discover our DISC reports

Flow Core

Our most popular report combines DISC with the power of emotional intelligence to help you tap into your strengths and build better, stronger and more effective relationships. It’s the ideal report to improve your self-awareness and get insights that will help you develop your potential. This report truly connects knowledge and skill.

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Flow Leader

A highly accurate profile that identifies a leader’s preferred leadership approach, offering practical insights into leadership strengths, interaction with different DISC styles, and areas to introduce or adapt to unlock the potential of your people. It’s perfect for team leaders and leaders of leaders.

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Flow Portrait

Our entry-level report identifies and describes your DISC style. It provides a wealth of practical information to help your self-development. Don’t need the EI narrative or have a big group to facilitate? This is your go-to report

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Flow Group

A powerful supplementary report that focuses on finding balance in a group or team by looking at the trend of personality traits and emotional intelligence among the members. Perfect for team coaching and HPT programs.

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Flow Connect

An incredibly useful follow-up report that illustrates the similarities and differences between two people. It helps build better relationships between two people and sets people up for success working together.

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Flow 360

A competency-based 360 feedback tool that has been meticulously designed to be simple to understand, and easy to apply. Ideal for teams who work with DISC already and are ready to embrace and act on detailed feedback.

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DISC Flow has been a game-changer for our organisation.

It has empowered us to build stronger relationships, enhance teamwork, and unlock the full potential of our workforce. The framework's practical applications in communication, talent management, and leadership have brought about tangible improvements in our overall organisational performance.

I wholeheartedly recommend DISC Flow to any organisation seeking to create a harmonious and productive work environment.

Graham Pemberton
Mike Carney Toyota

I really love using the DISC Flow model as it offers practical insights that are easy to implement. The profiles and feedback are straightforward, making it simple for everyone to understand and use the information to improve their interactions and workflows. The interactive nature of the tool makes it easy for people to engage with their profiles and actively participate in discussions about improving team dynamics.

Tanya Konigsberger
Head of Training Norwex APAC

DISC Flow has improved our ability to communicate and collaborate with both internal and external stakeholders. Having a certified DISC Flow practitioner in our organisation helps the team to stay focused on our DISC learnings and to continually tap into the language and lessons that the tool provides.

Rosie Chambers
Hecker Guthrie

Personally, I have gained a great deal from knowing my profile and analysing it as part of the training

Lisa Leurs
Office Manager Women’s Health and Wellbeing Services

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