What are the different
DISC Personality Profiles?

Discover the eight DISC personality types

DISC is an accurate assessment that identifies and describes an individual's preferred behavioural style and communication preferences.

The DISC model has four main behaviour types and four sub-types. A broader range of categories allows more nuance and understanding of individuals.

We are all unique - we don’t want to label people or put them in a box. However, everyone has a preferred way of approaching work, communication and decision-making. Whilst we are a blend of styles, most people have one or two main natural behaviour styles.

Every person’s DISC personality type is exceptional. We don’t claim the report will give all the answers, but will offer insights and useful tips to guide and support your team members in a quest to increase engagement.

Your test analyses your high natural preferences which become most obvious when you are under pressure. What we say is that when people under pressure, they default to their natural DISC style.

Let’s dive into the different DISC profile categories.

The Dominance DISC Profile

Dominance (D) people are forthright, decisive, and self-starters. Independent team members want to lead rather than follow commands.

They are highly motivated and enjoy challenging, measurable jobs. They prefer action over research and enjoy ambitious aims.

Competition for recognition, accomplishment, and authority may motivate these team members. They're assertive and direct while expressing their ideas. Their goals and methods are usually clear. They can be forceful and contemptuous of opposing opinions, especially those that contradict their objectives.

This type appreciates action and makes quick, confident, spontaneous decisions. They may inspire confidence with their self-confidence, goal-focus, and focus. When speaking or asking, they mean business.

The Compliance DISC Profile

Analytical, calm, restrained compliance (C) persons like method, structure, and regulations.

Their work is thorough and flawless. They carefully consider all the information before choosing. They like rationality and precision and working alone.

They doubt evidence-based emotions or gut feelings. They prefer freedom for productivity.

They set unrealistic expectations for themselves and others and become unduly critical under pressure.

They always work precisely and thoroughly and focus on high-quality output in all assignments.

The Influence DISC Profile

Influence (I) persons are lively, friendly, and enthusiastic. Their energy, cheerfulness, and job satisfaction are normal. They influence others by their friendly, confident communication.

They enjoy attention and listening since they're expressive. They value popularity over results because they fear rejection and crave praise, social recognition, and approval.

Their eagerness helps them solve challenging problems, but their false optimism might make them rash in complex situations. Pressure might cause them to lose focus, disorganise, and make subjective conclusions.

Their sociable and accepting nature can be their greatest attribute; they frequently help others. Many of their strengths are easy connections.

The Steadiness DISC Profile

Steadiness (S) persons are calm, patient, tolerant, and easygoing. Warm people want stable, harmonious relationships and are loyal, consistent, and helpful.

Trustworthy, reliable, and authority-friendly. Despite their disagreements, they are loyal team players. They may dislike abrupt change.

If change is inevitable, they will understand and adapt.

People may struggle to say no and conform to avoid conflict due to their willingness to serve. Sincerity, empathy, and active listening are their hallmarks.

The Compliance-Dominance DISC Profile

Compliance Dominance (CD) persons are self-driven, confident, efficient, and accurate. They use logic and facts to think critically.

They are reliable and goal-oriented. They may speak quickly, calmly, and avoid personal matters at work. They may be direct and correct people for accuracy and precision.

They can be too opinionated, sceptical, and harsh on others who don't meet their expectations.

Focus, visualisation, swift fact-checking, and critical thinking are their strengths. They ask enquiries and draw conclusions.

The Dominance-Influence DISC Profile

Dominance Influence (DI) people are vivacious, adventurous, friendly, and bold. These team members have clear life goals.

They are reliable, yet their desire to create new and exciting ideas may provide unanticipated risks. They may exaggerate their success and overlook proven methods.

They enjoy new experiences and are active. They may have trouble focusing due to excitement and opportunity. Exploring new ideas and projects may make balance tough.

Under pressure, they may seem self-centered, idealistic, and overly optimistic, yet they are willing to develop and learn. Others like their friendliness and persuasion.

The Influence-Steadiness DISC Profile

Influence Steadiness (IS) people are honest, joyful, and want to keep good relationships. They cherish cooperation and social ties, therefore they help and encourage coworkers and ensure project involvement.

They may be sensitive to others' feelings since they want harmonious relationships. Their cheerful, friendly personality spreads positivity and kindness. They urge others to freely express their viewpoints.

Being too intimate can impair their judgement. They may also assume others talk as much as they do.

They are pleasant, kind, prone to cooperate over competition, and cheerful in many settings.

The Steadiness-Compliance DISC Profile

Steadiness Compliance (SC) people are calm, thoughtful, and accurate and consistent. They are patient and self-controlled when dealing with people or hard tasks.

They are careful and methodical, analysing possibilities and optimising time to make accurate conclusions.

They stay calm in difficult situations, although their tendency towards evaluation and correctness may make it difficult to respond quickly.

This is especially true for sudden or unfamiliar changes. They may seem unduly cautious, but they prefer to be deliberate, systematic, and follow their own and others' standards.

They stay focused and self-controlled until they succeed. They may do their thing behind the scenes or let others lead.

They are humble, patient, and sensitive, speaking gently and respectfully.

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