Behaviour is an expression of your Personality

There is a distinct difference between personality and behaviour, both in and out of the workplace. However, these concepts often get misconstrued. Understanding the difference is hugely helpful and also gives us the opportunity to increase our engagement with others in teams.
Personality is the essence of who we are.

It's a stable set of characteristics and tendencies that influence our beliefs, values, and attitudes.

These elements are relatively consistent over time and across situations, forming the bedrock of our identity.

Imagine personality as the deep currents of the ocean—powerful, persistent, but often unseen, shaping the landscape beneath the surface of the water.

An image of two heads with lots of puzzle pieces making the complete image as a representation of the many components that create our personality
A team at work demonstrating behaviour in daily work
Behaviour, on the other hand, is the manifestation of this personality in real-world scenarios.

It's how we act and react to the
situations and people around us.

Behaviour can be seen as the waves on the ocean’s surface, influenced by the currents below (personality) but also by the wind and weather above (external factors).

This means that even though our actions are based on who we are, they can also be changed to fit the situation
and what’s expected from us.

An iceberg showing personality below the waterline and behaivour above

In a nutshell: Behaviour is an expression of your Personality.

But you have a choice on what that behaviour looks like and adapt regardless of the situation.

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The contrast between personality and behaviour is crucial in both personal and professional contexts.

Understanding this distinction allows us to recognise that, while we may have natural inclinations, our actions in any given time are choices.

This realisation is empowering because it means we have the ability to change our behaviours to be more successful, compassionate,
and goal-oriented, even if our fundamental personality traits stay consistent.

Welcome to DISC Flow, a tool that shows this distinction through behaviour.

DISC Flow has practical applications for understanding and managing relationships.

According to the DISC theory, behaviours fall into four
categories: dominance, influence, steadiness, and compliance.

Discovering our
behavioural patterns helps us understand how we behave, how we communicate, and
why we do what we do.

DISC Flow links personality with behaviour.

It encourages introspection and self-awareness, which are essential for personal and leadership development, by providing a clear framework for analysing our behavioural patterns.

It helps people recognise their own strengths and shortcomings, as well as how their style interacts with others, resulting in better teamwork and collaboration.

DISC Flow is also very useful for managing behaviours to make relationships work better.

By learning to recognise our own behavioural styles and knowing others', we can change how we talk to and interact with others. Being able to change is important for clearing up confusion, settling arguments, and making relationships stronger. Leaders and teams can change the mindset of the workplace by being able to handle these situations with empathy and purpose. This can lead to more engagement, productivity, and mutual respect.

Ultimately, understandingpersonality and behaviour well leads to growth and achievement. 

Like paintbrushes, our actions shape our lives as they evolve. The surface of personality is rich and complex.

The tools and techniques we need to learn this art from DISC Flow lead to more mindful
leadership and healthier relationships.

 As we deal with other people, let's keep in mind that how we
act is not just a mirror of who we are; it's also a choice we make every moment.

With tools like DISC Flow, we can make smart decisions, making sure that our actions are in line with our highest goals and making connections that make everyone better.

Discover our DISC Reports


The DISC Flow® Core Report is an individual profile that includes the person's DISC style and emotional intelligence.

This profile has been designed to be simple to understand and easy to apply. It will help you tap into your strengths and build better, stronger and more productive relationships.

This personalised report provides a wealth of information and insights that will help you develop your potential.

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The DISC Flow® Leader report is a highly accurate tool that identifies a leader’s preferred behavioural style and communication preferences.

The report focuses on your leadership approach and will make you more aware of your strong points, as well as highlighting behaviours that you may need to introduce or adapt to unlock the potential of your people.

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The DISC Flow® Connect Report is a follow-up report that can be created for any two participants to illustrate their similarities and differences.

The research-validated comparison report helps to build better relationships and makes training stick.

The participants must each have taken one of the other DISC Flow reports to allow use of this product.

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DISC Flow® Group is a supplementary report that focuses on finding balance in a group or team by looking at the general trend of behaviours and emotional intelligence among its members.

The report seeks to help you find balance, and improve the effectiveness of your group, by determining how to make the most out of the strengths and manage the limitations of the group’s DISC styles.

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This is an incredible tool delivered in a simple to learn
way. The effectiveness of it will be experienced by you in the training and
prove it's powerfulness right in front of your eyes!

Get onboard!


Lauree Arnold
Executive & Life Coach

What differences stood out to you between DISC Flow and other similar businesses?

The emotional intelligence
component and the various reports that can be used for different contexts.

HR Business Partner and Certified DISC Flow Trainer 

DiSC Flow has improved
our ability to communicate and collaborate with both internal and
external stakeholders. Having a certified DiSC Flow practitioner
in our organisation helps the team to stay focused on
our DiSC learnings and to continually tap into the
language and lessons that the tool provides.

Rosie Chambers
Hecker Guthrie

It was excellent to learn about this tool and how to apply
it with coaching clients and with groups of people. I enjoyed the step by step
approach and the self paced learning which was all very logical and I could go
back over anything I needed to revise. I also liked having the resources to
read before watching the videos, which enforced the learning.


Jeanette White
Rise Coaching and Development

Personally, I have gained a great deal from knowing my
profile and analysing it as part of the training

Lisa Leurs
Office Manager, Women’s Health and Wellbeing Services

Incredible product with limitless value in the workplace,
with an amazing support team to help you every step of the way.

Inga Wendelin
Learning and Development Manager

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