We are thrilled to introduce an exclusive Referral Reward Incentive.

Each time you refer a new client who successfully becomes DISC Certified with us, you will receive a special thank you in the form of an Amazon voucher worth AUD 100.*

Fill in the form below to send us your referral.

Once they have registered for the certification program and completed their payment, the Amazon voucher will be yours!

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*Terms & Conditions of referral scheme:

  • At the time of referring a person as part of the referral scheme you must be a Certified Trainer at DISC Flow Australia. 
  • You may refer as many people as you wish. Eligibility will be determined by DISC Flow Australia.
  • If your referral results in an enterprise certification (several people from the same organisation at the same time), you are eligible to receive the referral incentive for each person completing the full certification.
  • Eligible persons to refer is anyone working or residing within Australia who will become DISC Flow Certified. If the person is outside Australia, they may be eligible if they continue to be part of the DISC Flow Australia Community, meaning buying tokens from DISC Flow Australia after completing their certification. 
  • You must provide the name and email address of the person you refer, and the person shall have genuine interest in becoming certified. The person should have given you consent for us to contact them via email to inform them about DISC Certification dates, process and fees.
  • To be eligible for receiving the incentive, the referred person must have registered and paid the full amount of the certification. If a payment plan was agreed with the referred person, all payments must be completed before the incentive is paid out. 
  • If the referred person receives a discount or special price, it shall not impact the incentive you are receiving. 
  • Once the person you refer has registered and paid for the certification, we will inform you in written and issue the incentive within 30 days. 
  • This Referral Scheme does not work in combination with any other incentives we may offer.
  • This Referral Scheme starts on 17.05.2024, referrals from before this date do not qualify DISC Flow Australia will determine the end date for the Referral Scheme.