Goals and fears of the Dominance (D) Style

Let's look at the behavioural style, goals and fears of people with the D Style – the Dominance style. Get the best from your meetings and conversations by understanding your colleagues’ behavioural preferences and priorities. 

Goals of the D style

Dominance Styles, driven by the inner need to lead and be in personal control, take charge of people and situations so they can reach their goals. Since their key need is achieving, they seek no-nonsense, bottom-line results. Their motto is: “Lead, follow, or get out of the way!” They want to win, so they are very likely to challenge people or rules.

Similarly, the Dominance Styles also accept challenges, take authority, and go headfirst into solving problems. There is no time like the present!

Fears of the D style

Closely related to the Dominance styles’ goals are their fears: falling into a routine, being taken advantage of, and looking “soft” – or showing vulnerability. So they may go to extremes to prevent those fears from materialising. They may act impatiently or insensitively. but they will make things happen.


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